Measuring Device Calibration

Why calibrate?

The quality of your products is the prerequisite for ensuring their competitiveness on international markets; moreover, regular quality inspections of measuring devices are prescribed by quality assurance standards.
You can only trust the reliability of your measurements if you can be sure that your devices work properly. Reliable measurement of technical and physical parameters requires calibration of the measuring devices being used and traceability of their measuring characteristics to national standards.
The standards of the Système International (SI) were set as compulsory through international treaties. In the Federal Republic of Germany the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) (Physical Technical Federal Institute) monitors compliance with the SI.
Efficient laboratories are accredited by the accreditation body of the Deutschen Kalibrierdienstes (DKD) (German Calibration Office) and can issue DKD calibration certificates

Which calibration form is required when?

Works Certificates

The QA systems of service providers, banks, insurance companies, retailers, hospitals, etc. have been being certified already since 1987. Moreover, there are further laws, standards and guidelines specific to the sector in the pharmaceuticals (CFR, GMP), food (HACCP) and automotive sectors (VDA, QS9000, ISO TS 16949). The introduction and maintenance of measuring device management is an indispensable element for all these guidelines and standards.
The ISO certificates (works certificates) are the most economical alternative to DKD calibration certificates and comply with the standards of:
ISO 9000:2000, ISO 10012-1, GMP, DFR, VDA, QS9000, ISO TS 16949, HACCP

DKD Certificates

For all users of measuring devices who require a particularly high degree of security, precision and reliability, DKD certificates are the ideal solution.

Measuring devices are frequently secured with DKD certificates in the following areas:
industrial and working standards, experts, inspection bodies, test laboratories, HACCP


Calibration can be carried out for new devices as well as for re-calibration of existing measuring devices. Contaminated devices (chemical, radioactive) cannot be processed!