About us

Wissel has been synonymous with reliability and quality since the day it was founded in 1967.

Having started life as just a small smithy known for serving private households with ornamental ironworks, this family-owned company has developed over the years into a reliable and innovative supplier that meets the needs of the domestic and international vacuum and high-vacuum industry.

An ever increasing and loyal customer base, consisting of multinational as well as small and medium-sized companies, is indicative of the high regard that Wissel enjoys thanks to our consistent adherence to our corporate philosophy.


Quality in metal


When it comes to manufacturing pipeline systems, we are your DIN EN 9001:2008 certified partner. Just like the construction of piping stations, pipe machining in various steel alloys and dimensions is one of our core areas of expertise.

Our certified welders and our high degree of vertical integration allow us to manufacture complex vacuum systems such as vacuum chambers and thin-film evaporators, as well as water dissipation and cooling systems.

Using your specifications, we are a one-stop shop for complete modules including all purchased parts (engines, drives, electrical cabinets with wiring), finishing (glass bead blasting, coating, ultrasonic cleaning) and documented testing procedures (helium leak test, hydrostatic test, etc.), and we also package everything just the way you want it.

In addition to customers from the semiconductor, coating and solar industries, we also supply mechanical and plant engineers with optimal solutions to a vast array of problems in single-unit or serial production. Institutions of higher learning as well as research facilities have profited from the expertise we have gained through years of experience in vacuum engineering.


Wissel Vacuum Components


For over 25 years, we have been supporting our customers around the world as a supplier of standardised vacuum components in all current ISO Standards for vacuum engineering (ISO-KF, ISO-K, ISO-F, ISO-CF).


Thanks to our highly motivated employees and our comprehensive standard warehousing programme, all items found in our catalogue are usually delivered to the customer 24 hours after an order has been received.

What’s more, we do not insist upon minimum order quantities or values.

We hope that with this brief history we were able to offer you a glimpse of our company; our experts will naturally be at your disposition at any time for further information on detailed and product-specific questions.


…OUR WAY – we produce independently from the start! This allows us to control quality and delivery deadlines and to meet customer requirements efficiently and flexibly.

…OUR INTENTION – is simple: to supply the best components for every “vacuum sector”. We might not produce revolutionary inventions every single day, but we always try to find the best possible solutions for you as customers.

…OUR STRENGTHS – the main areas of our manufacture are the production of vacuum pipes as well as the manufacture of steel constructions. In addition to complex WIG and orbital welding work in the vacuum sector, we offer soldering and bending work. But this is only a slither from our entire manufacture and product portfolio.

…OUR SERVICE – We are at your side at all times with innovative ideas, materials and manufacturing technology savvy and many years of experience of our dedicated staff.

…ONE ENTITY – We are a traditional business and regard our associates as the engine of success. Our associates are the most important part of our business, they bear responsibility and with their knowhow and dedication they have made us who we are today. Owing to our mindset and actions based on partnership we can be proud of our associates’ above average length of employment with our company..

…OUR LOVE – is and will ever belong to the processing and refinement of metal. Precision and skill are decisive elements in welding. Good links are the basis for durability- this is true both with regard to our workmanship and to our mindset.